My Betty does not start working

Betty is designed to work only when connected to the power supply system. However, please note that if you turn your Betty on while she is not connected to the power supply system and no sound comes from her (her vacuum suction has not been activated), then we recommend you leave your Betty recharge her in-built battery. Just plug in the power cable and leave Betty recharge for some time until her LED light changes from red to green. This is highly advisable if you have just bought your Betty or you have not used her for some time.

In case Betty’s suction is activated when you turn her on (there’s a sound coming from her) but she does not start cleaning when you give her a command, then most probably she is not connected to the power supply system. Please check if all three parts of the power cable are properly connected and please pay attention if the metal ring at the end of the cable is well tightened.



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