Betty’s remote control

Betty’s remote control is small, compact and very easy-to-use. From the remote control, you can activate your Betty, put her on pause and stop her cleaning work. You can manually navigate her with the aid of the arrow buttons. These buttons come in handy when you want to make Betty go repeatedly over a particular spot on the surface she’s currently cleaning.

 betty-mode-up.pngbetty-mode-left.png    betty-mode-right.png     – These buttons will activate Betty’s automatic cleaning modes. You can choose whether you wish Betty to first go up the surface until she reaches the upper frame and then go all the way down to the down frame or to start her cleaning work directly from the spot she is attached to either from left to right or from right to left.


For more detailed information on Betty's automatic modes of cleaning, please follow the link: What are the automatic modes of cleaning of Betty? 

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