What are the differences between Maya V2's cleaning modes?


Auto mode:
In this mode, your Maya V2 will go through your home picking up the best path. Maya V2 creates a cleaning map so she can cover the whole area. She gets under chairs, sofas and can distinguish stairs and you do not have to control her manually. In comparison to the Room cleaning mode, Maya V2 will leave the room she is currently cleaning if the door is open. Maya V2's work in this mode is done once she has cleaned the given area, passing two times over the same surface. She will notify you that her work is done by a sound alert 'Cleaning completed' and will get to her charging station, all on her own.


Room cleaning:
Get a particular room in your home cleaned without having to control your Maya V2 manually. She is smart enough to distinguish different dwellings and doors. Even if you leave the door open, you can be sure that in this mode, Maya V2 will not leave the current room. Her work is done once she has cleaned the whole available area in the given room, passing two times over the same surface. Once this happens, Maya V2 switches to base search (recharge) mode and, if there is not a charging station in the room, she simply automatically moves to the center of the room.



Edge cleaning:
In this mode, Maya V2 cleans the edges of fixed objects such as columns, walls, etc. In this mode, you will not have to control your Maya V2 manually. She creates a cleaning map so she doesn't miss even one edge. Once she is done, she gets back to her charging station.


Spot cleaning:

There is a stubborn spot on the floor that requires more attention? Choose spot cleaning mode and let Maya V2 wash it out! In this mode, Maya V2 performs spiral movements creating full circles, increasing the radius at which she moves after every full circle. 


Recharge mode:
With the command Recharge mode, you can get Maya V2 to her charging station with only one press of the button on the remote control or one tap on your smartphone's screen. Once into Recharge mode, Maya V2 stops her work and goes to her charging station all on her own. Please, do not forget to leave the charging station plugged in the power supply system and at a relatively open space, so Maya V2 can find it more easily.


Manual mode: 

Thanks to the arrow buttons on the remote control or in the App, you can navigate your Maya V2 and help her with the cleaning. There's more stubborn dirt on the floor? You can make your Maya V2 go repeatedly over it using the arrow buttons and clean it in seconds. 

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