What are the functionalities of Maya V2 in the MClimate Home app?

Apart from Maya V2's button and remote control, you might as well try all the functionalities and fun the MClimate Home app offers. All you need is a smartphone or a tablet and a Wi-Fi network working at 2.4GHz. Before discovering all the fun and advantages in our MClimate Home app, you will have to go through a few easy installation steps, simply explained in the following article: How to install Maya V2 in the app? Once you have successfully installed your Maya V2 in our mobile app, you will be able to control her with minimal effort from your smartphone or tablet. And do you know what is even better? You will have access to all of Maya V2’s functionalities from any part of the world! Now, let’s have a look at what the homepage of Maya V2 in our MClimate Home app looks like.




As you can see, there's a whole new world to explore in our MClimate Home app. Do you wish to manually navigate Maya V2? Activate her cleaning work with one tap on the Play button and give her directions with the help of the arrow buttons. There's more stubborn dirt on the floor? You can make your Maya V2 go repeatedly over it using the arrow buttons.
From the upper right corner of the page, you can see how much battery is left. With the command "Take me to the dock", you can get Maya V2 to her charging station with only one tap on the screen.
At the bottom of the screen, there are several other functions that will make your experience with Maya V2 even more effortless. The Find button will activate Maya V2's sound alert. This functionality comes in handy when you cannot seem to find her. She will perform the sound alert even if she is out of battery.
The Timer section in our MClimate Home app allows you to create timers that will activate your Maya V2 cleaning work at given hours, even if you are away from home. The Timer functionality is an enhanced version compared to the Schedules functionality of Maya V2's remote control. The difference comes from the opportunity to set timers that are repeated over specific days. Just tap on the Timer button, then create a new timer by tapping once on the '+' sign seen in the upper right corner of the page. Select the hour at which you wish your Maya V2 to start her cleaning work and the days you wish the Timer to be active. You can choose the cleaning mode in which you want her to operate and whether you wish to receive notifications when your Maya V2 starts her work. Do not forget to save your Timer by tapping once on the Save button in the upper right corner.  
The Log section that's to be seen next keeps track of all commands that have been given to your Maya V2.

The last two functionalities that are to be seen on the page will allow you to choose the cleaning strength and the cleaning mode of your Maya V2. There are three different cleaning strengths from which you can choose. If the surface you are about to clean is relatively clean, you can enjoy the discretion of Maya V2 in Quiet mode. Apart from being quieter, Maya V2 will need less battery to perform her cleaning work. However, if the surface is dirtier, we'd recommend you choose bigger cleaning strength. Despite being noisier and with higher consumption of the battery, the cleaning efficiency of Maya V2 will be much more satisfactory.




From the button to the right, you can choose the cleaning mode of Maya V2. You can select from several different cleaning modes which are simply explained in the following article: Maya V2's cleaning modes



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