Can I use my Maya V2 for wet cleaning?

Yes, you can. Apart from the fully functional dry cleaning, you might as well benefit from Maya V2's wet cleaning.
There are only a few easy steps you should first undertake. First of all, pour up water into the water tank through the small hole seen in the upper left corner of the tank. Then, please make sure the hole is fully closed. The water tank itself has a capacity of 350ml. The next thing you should do is to install the mop, fastening it via the velcrо. Once you've gone through these steps, please remove the dust container of Maya V2 and put the water tank instead. You can now start the cleaning work of your Maya V2 using her button, remote control, or via our MClimate Home app. If you wish, you can add detergent for better cleaning results. However, please avoid using detergents of a thick consistency, as they might block the nozzles of the water tank.




Once Maya V2's wet cleaning has finished, please take out the water tank, remove the mop and empty the water from the container. You can then wash the mop with cold or hot water.


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