What are the automatic modes of cleaning of Betty?

Betty uses an innovative AI technology that allows her to create her own intelligent path of cleaning without leaving any traces. You can control Betty manually, using her remote control, or by choosing from one of the three smart automatic modes of cleaning and letting Betty do her job alone.

 betty-mode-up.png- in this mode Betty will first go up to the upper frame of the window or other surface she is attached to. Once she has reached the upper frame, Betty starts her cleaning work with even movements from left to right, mimicking the human hand and cleaning the whole surface. Her frame sensors allow her to create an intelligent path plan model, so she doesn’t leave even one spot uncleaned. Betty stops automatically when her cleaning work is finished. You can start this cleaning mode either from Betty’s remote control or by clicking on the Start button on Betty herself.

betty-mode-left.png   betty-mode-right.png    - if you want Betty to start her cleaning work directly from the spot you have attached her without the climbing to the upper frame, you can select from one of the other two automatic cleaning modes of Betty. They come in handy when there is more stubborn dirt on a particular place on the surface Betty’s cleaning or if Betty’s work has been interrupted for some reason. Once activated, Betty will begin cleaning from the spot she currently is with even movements either from left to right or from right to left until she reaches the lower frame. Betty stops automatically when her cleaning work is finished. You can activate these two smart automatic modes from Betty’s remote control by pressing the betty-mode-left.png button or betty-mode-right.png button.



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