How to set a timer for turning my Maya V2 on?

You want to have your home cleaned but you have so many other tasks during the day? Just set a timer for the desired hour and get your Maya V2 to work in your absence!

Here you can see how to set a cleaning schedule through Maya V2's remote control. 

Please adjust Maya V2's clock by pressing the timer-icon-1.png button, followed by adjusting to the correct time          with timer-icon-2.png . Once you have set the time, please press timer-icon-1.png to save your settings.

How to schedule an automatic cleaning:

In order to schedule a cleaning, please press the timer-icon-3.png button and adjust to the desired period with timer-icon-2.png. Once you have selected the time slot, press timer-icon-3.png once again to save the settings.
Maya V2 will automatically clean up according to the set schedule.



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