Control Basics

Here is the main control screen of your Melissa:


ON/OFF button - in the middle of the screen you will find the button for turning your A/C on or off. One tap and the status changes - when your A/C is off the screen will turn blue.


Temperature Slider - On the right side of your screen is the slider for changing the temperature. Slide up to increase the temperature and down if you want to lower it.


Modes - The first button at the bottom of the screen is for changing the mode of your A/C. Choose between Fan, Heat, Cool and Dry.


Fan - Change the speed of your A/Cs fan with the second button on the bottom


Smart - Here are all the settings for the smart functions of your Melissa. Make your A/C turn on automatically based on your location with Geolocation or based on the time of the day by setting a Timer.
You can also create a Daily Schedule [link to Article] to maintain a specific temperature in your room at every moment of the day, record a Special Command [link to Article], set an Alarm[link to Article] and monitor the changes in the temperature and humidity values in the room throughout the day with Analytics.


Special - At the star icon on the bottom of the screen you can find all the special command you have recorded and choose which one to use.


Log - the last button on the bottom of the screen is where you can find today’s average temperature and humidity levels and the latest commands sent to your A/C.

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    When I have programed a daily Scheme it is I possible to control My AC with the app. The app is in offmode and nothing happends when I try to start the AC.
    What to do?

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