Bobbie is so smart that she can automatically turn your water heater on or off, depending on your location and the place where she is installed.

Find out how you can do this below.

Before you start, don't forget to allow the MClimate mobile app to use your location and send you notifications.

From the left slide-out menu in the MClimate mobile app, choose Control.

From the active devices displayed on your screen, pick the Bobbie which settings you would like to change.

Tap on the “Smart” button at the bottom of the main screen and choose Geolocation from the list.

You will see your location on the map. Using the slider below it, adjust the radius around your Bobbie. When entering or exiting this radius, Bobbie will send a command to your water heater.


From the section On enter, you can set what you want Bobbie to do when you enter the radius. 

Enable the function. 

Choose if you want to receive notifications when the command is sent.

Then decide if you prefer Bobbie to turn your water heater on or off when you enter the radius.


The next section is about what happens when you exit the set radius. The settings are the same - notifications, and on or off.

When you are done with configuring your preferences, click Save.

Ready! You successfully activated Bobbie's Geolocation.

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