How to install Melissa Climate SIM?

You've just bought MClimate 3G Combo, also known as APN (access point name)? Now follow the instructions below to install successfully M Climate 3G to your Melissa. 


  •   Choose Control from the slide-out menu.





  •  Click on the + sign in the upper right corner Choose Add a new Melissa to start the installation.



  •   Choose Melissa Climate SIM from the two options.



  •  Choose the 3G combo that you have.




  •  Open the M Climate 3G device and put a SIM card in it.




  •  Turn On the device, pressing the ON button.



  •  Open the Wi-Fi Settings of your phone and connect to the network you just created. Keep in mind that every 3G has its own individual name generated from the device. 




  • * If you have a PIN code to your SIM card, you will see a screen where you should enter it.




  •  Wait until the mobile app connects to the network, created by Melissa Climate SIM. 



  •  Enter the settings for the mobile operator, from whom you've bought the SIM card, keeping in mind that they are different for each one. Press the Save button.


  •  The application will send the data to M Climate 3G.


  •  You've successfully created a local Wi-Fi network using Melissa Climate SIM! Now plug in your Melissa and follow the steps in the app to install it. 


See how to install Melissa.



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