How to install M Climate 3G?

You've just bought MClimate 3G Combo? Now follow the instructions below to install successfully M Climate 3G to your Melissa. 


1.  Choose "Control" from the slide-out menu.

2. Choose "Add a new Melissa Device" to start the installation.

3.  Choose "Melissa Climate 3G Combo" from the two options.

4. Open the M Climate 3G device and put a SIM card in it.

5. Turn On the device, pressing the "ON" button.

6. Open the Wi-Fi Settings of your phone and connect to the network you just created, named "3G Router".

7. Go back to Melissa mobile app and tap "Done". 

*8. If you have a PIN code to your SIM card, you will see a screen where you should enter it.


9. Wait until the mobile app connects to the network, created by "M Climate 3G".

10. Enter the settings for the mobile operator, from whom you've bought the SIM card. Press the "Save" button.

11. The application will send the data to "M Climate 3G".

12. You've successfully created a local Wi-Fi network using "M Climate 3G". Now plug in your Melissa and follow the steps in the app to install it. 


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