How to record a special command?


Every A/C has some specific functions that are different from the other A/Cs. Now you can add a special  command that you like and is missing in the MClimate mobile app. Keep in mind that it should be supported from your A/Cs  remote control. For example, if your A/C's lowest  temperature is 16 degrees, you would not be able to set it to 8 or 10.


  • Choose Control from the slide out menu, then choose from the list the Melissa, for which you would like to add a new command.




  • Tap on the Settings sign in the upper right corner of the main screen and choose Smart Settings from the drop-down menu.




  • Click on Special commands and choose the + symbol in the upper right corner of the screen to add a new command.



  • Enter a name for the command you would like to add.



  • Tap on the Record button and point your old remote control to the selected Melissa. Press the button on the remote for the command you would like to add.



  • After the button becomes green and turns into Successfully Recorded, tap Save in the upper right corner.




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    Kjell Gustad

    Why cant i set the temperatur lower then 18C on my Daikin. I'd like to have 10C during the winter and other times when not using the weekend house.
    On my remote I can go down to 10C.

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