How to set a timer for turning your A/C off?

Creating a timer for your AC has never been easier. See how to do it in the instructions below.

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  •  Open the MClimate mobile app and choose Control from the slide-out menu.



  •  If you have more than one installed Melissa, choose the one for which you would like to create a timer.



  •  Tap the icon at the upper right corner of your screen and choose Smart Settings from the menu. 



  •  You will see a button called Timers. Click on it.


Create a timer for turning the AC off. 


  •  To create a timer for turning your A/C off, choose Turn OFF the AC from the first field.



  •  Choose the time when you want your A/C to turn off. 



  •  From the last section Repeat, you can choose if you want to repeat the timer in specific days. 



  •  When you are ready, tap the Save button. 


Now you have a timer for turning your A/C off!

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