How to perform a hard-reset of Melissa?

In some situations when configuring your Melissa or when you move her from one home to another, where there is another Wi-Fi, you will need to hard-reset Melissa.


In order to do this you will need a needle or another thin object. Turn your Melissa upside-down and take a look at the two holes at the bottom of the device - the smaller one is the button for hard-reset. Press the Reset button with the needle and hold for 10-15 seconds as shown in the picture below. 



Be careful! The bigger whole is Melissa’s sensor - if you try to press it instead, you might break the sensor.


While you hold the button Melissa will be blinking in red. The hard-reset is complete when the device's light becomes constant red or green


Make sure the the button is not stuck!


To make sure you have performed the hard-reset successfully, unplug the device for a couple of minutes. When plugged-in again, the device should have the same constant red or green light.

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