How to set a timer for turning your A/C on?

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  •  Open the MClimate mobile app and choose Control from the left slide-out menu.



  •  If you have more than one installed Melissa, choose the one for which you would like to make a timer.



  •  Tap on the icon at the upper right corner of your screen and choose Smart Settings from the menu. 



  •  To make a Turn-On timer, choose Turn ON the AC from the field. You can also choose your preferred temperature, mode, fan and time for your Turn-On timer. 




  • You can also choose if you want the timer to be repeated. Choose On from the field Repeat, then choose the days on which your Air Conditioner should work with the settings chosen.



  •  To save the timer, click on the Save button at the upper right corner of your screen.


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    Timer not working correctly. Does not work most of the time and that is the most important function.

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    I agree. Timer not working. Tested many times. What can be wrong? Configered according to instructions. Could somebody pro give info?

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    the problem still persist, please check it and fix it!

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    Nie działa.

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