How to control Melissa with Amazon Alexa?

You can now use Melissa with Amazon Alexa! Ask Alexa to assist you:
  • Turn your Melissa on.
  • Turn your Melissa off.
  • Set the Melissa to 20 (or X amount) degrees.
  • Increase Melissa by 2 (or X amount) degrees.
  • Decrease Melissa by 4 (or X amount) degrees.


How does Amazon Alexa work?
Alexa is a voice control platform which is available on the Amazon devices Echo, Dot and Tap. The integration of our products with Alexa enables our users to use voice commands for controlling them. 
How do we sync Melissa with Amazon Alexa?


1.Open Skills

Once you have the Alexa App downloaded on your phone, pick the smart home section and select "Skills" from the left navigation panel. 




From the skills screen enter "Melissa" into the search box. Once you found the Melissa skill, click enable to link Amazon Alexa to your Melissa account.





3. Log-in

You need to log-in with your MClimate mobile app account. After you enable the Melissa skill you can ask Alexa to open and use it.
For example say: You: Alexa, turn Melissa on. Alexa: Your Melissa is turned on. 
For full list of available commands: 
  • Alexa, turn [DeviceName] on.
  • Alexa, turn [DeviceName] off.
  • Alexa, set the [DeviceName] to [amount] degrees.
  • Alexa, increase [DeviceName] by [amount] degrees.
  • Alexa, decrease [DeviceName] by [amount] degrees.
NOTE: Melissa must be online for Amazon Alexa to work. You can control more than one Melissa with Amazon Alexa. 
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