Can I change the Wi-Fi network of my Melissa?

Of course you can! In case you need to change the Wi-Fi network of your Melissa device, here are the following steps to undertake:


  • First, connect your smartphone to the new desired Wi-Fi network.

  • You should perform a hard reset of Melissa which is explained in a few simple steps here.

  • Open the MClimate mobile app and pick the Setting’s sign at the top right corner of the screen. Afterwards, select Device settings and press the Change Wi-Fi option from the menu. Finally, insert the network’s name and its password.




  • Melissa should start pulsating in light blue color. If that is the case, your device is properly connected to your Wi-Fi network and you are now able to control your Air Conditioner. 

  • Click on the Save button at the upper right corner to save your changes. 


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    Why cant i set The temperatur lower then 16 celcius. I like to have 10 celcius during The winter and oter times when not using The weekend house.

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