How to install SmartPlug?

The installation of your SmartPlug consists of the following steps:

1. Put your SmartPlug device into a power source. Your device should start blinking in light blue colour.



2. Download the MClimate SmartPlug mobile application and install it on your smartphone. It is available for both Android and iOS users.


3.After you execute the previous step and open the mobile application you need to sign-up/log-in using your e-mail address. In case you already use one of our devices, the same registration can be used for controlling your SmartPlug.




4. In case of a successfull sign-up/log-in, you can choose between the two options as shown below. Check what is the lightning of your SmartPlug and pick that color.



5. The next step of the installation process is to connect the SmartPlug to your Wi-Fi neetwork, the same one as your phone is currently in use of.




6. After the establisment of the Wi-Fi connection you are able to add a new SmartPlug device as shown below.




7. After completing the previous steps you should wait a few seconds for the installation to be activated.




8. When you activate your device you can choose what type of home appliances you want to controll by using the SmartPlug.




9. After the completion of all the previous steps, SmartPlug is connected and ready to serve you.


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